Hi there, Equinox! 👋

My name is Jason Moran, and I’m keenly interested in the Senior Creative—Social Media position.

Equinox strikes a chord with me. Aside from being my brick-and-mortar place of exercise worship, you're a brand that ravishes. Building brand loyalty and love is about becoming a magnet for what your consumer desires. It's attraction, lust, and expectation for something different. And, I'd like to help you lure people in.

Here’s a little about me, and how I'll bring value to Equinox. From my graduate education in Design and Technology at Parsons to my formative time agency-side, I’ve spent the past eight years honing a penchant for storytelling and a passion for design. Most recently, I’ve sharpened my social-digital expertise at the maverick advertising agency VaynerMedia, as Associate Creative Director across sundry brands, large and small. Reflected in my work, both personal and professional, you’ll see that I have a wide range of storytelling experience, spanning a multi-year rebrand of AXE to e-comm-driven content development for a branded Amazon Fashion partnership.

I’d relish any opportunity to talk further with you about Equinox, where you envision the brand is headed, and how I could best support that vision creatively.

Thanks so much for you consideration, and happy (almost?) Spring! 🌿