Hello, CO OP! 👋

My name is Jason Moran, and the Associate Creative Director (Content/Copy) position has beyond piqued my interest.

CO OP strikes a chord with me. In a landscape of cookie-cutter content and Big Blank Idea from Big Blank Brand every Fifteen Seconds, you’ve cast aside the fluff stuff. You ignite brands. You build loyalty, love, and lust through smart, strategic design. Yu cut through the clutter with masterful copy. And, I'd like to help you lure people in.

Here’s a little about me, and how I'll bring value to CO OP. From my graduate education in Design and Technology at Parsons to my formative time agency-side, I’ve spent the past eight years honing a penchant for storytelling and a passion for design. Most recently, I’ve sharpened my social-digital expertise at the maverick advertising agency VaynerMedia, as Associate Creative Director across sundry brands, large and small. Reflected in my work, both personal and professional, you’ll see that I have a wide range of creative and strategic writing experience, spanning a multi-year rebrand of AXE to my work as a video poet.

I’d relish any opportunity to talk further with you about CO OP, where you envision the agency is headed, and how I could best support that vision creatively.

Thanks so much for you consideration, and happy (almost?) Spring.