AXE: Sneakerpreneuer

To build AXE’s 'cool and trendy' creds, we peeled back the gloss of street style's $12k sneaker flips. Via a longer-form advertorial play, we gave viewers a stripped-down, docu-style look at the real work behind the fabulous Instagram posts of sneakerpreneur and co-founder of Kickster, Chris Hall. Championing Chris' story through a day-in-the-life visual story, we explored how kicks represent more than a simple style choice; they represent a point of view, a form of individual expression. Told through Q&A scenes, stylized B-roll, and vérité moments, we brought the new, elevated AXE brand vision to life.

Video and editorial copy featured below.


Meet Chris Hall, The Anti-Sneakerhead COO of Kickster:
He DGAF about Big Sneaker Corps

“Either you’re fresh or you’re not.”

Chris Hall, up-and-coming sneakerpreneur, doesn’t beat around the bush when describing the cop-or-drop, rock-or-knock sneaker game. Champion of the little guy in a world shaped by big brands, Chris made it is his mission to empower the booming sneaker community from bottom-up.

His app, Kickster, gives fellow sneak freaks a platform to share sneaker stories, pics, and the inside scoop about releases dates. Why does Chris care so much? He sees sneakers as more than just shoes on your feet—they’re an opportunity to express yourself.

Watch as he raps on his mission and how to lock down your after-hours hustle as a day job.